Our process is senior leadership driven and results in a clear understanding of the organizational factors that must be aligned for successful strategy execution.

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Our Reports answer the critical questions and give you a clear understanding of the organizational factors that must be aligned for successful strategy execution.

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Using several real world case studies we can show you the the strengths and weaknesses of organizations to determine flawless strategy execution for your business.

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How Important Is Organization Alignment?

Market success is one part having a powerful strategy and one part executing that strategy.  In a McKinsey Quarterly survey of 800 senior executives, their #1 concern was the inability to align the company with the strategic plan.  There are strategic organizational factors that must be synergized to foster the success of a strategy. Our senior leadership driven process focuses on aligning employees and teams with the execution of your strategy.

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There is an often-missing component that, if consistently applied, will dramatically enhance the progression of strategy creation, communication and execution.  That critical element is alignment.

                                                                                          Strategy 101:  It’s All About Alignment

Larry Myler, Forbes contributor

Our Results…

Using data from the senior leadership team and possibly others in the organization (e.g., middle managers/directors, professionals. etc.), our organization alignment process determines the degree of alignment among seven key organizational variables that impact a firm’s execution of its market strategy. The end result is an Alignment Map that clearly identifies areas of alignment and misalignment. Actions are then designed and implemented to correct any misalignments among the variables that threaten strategy execution.

Our Organization Alignment service is a powerful process that helps senior leaders align business and workforce strategies and practices, organization culture, and other important organizational variables to add real value and generate competitive advantage. We help decision makers take into consideration the complexity of organizational life in today’s environment and even anticipate and get ahead of the curve.

We help senior leaders understand the patterns that emerge among important organizational factors and the impact those patterns have on organization success. Based on the information gleaned from seven brief surveys, senior leaders receive a clear picture of the organization’s business and workforce practices, cultures and workforce competencies aligned into an overall pattern. Suggestions for improving the patterns among these critical organizational factors are offered.

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CEOs may be missing opportunities to take the necessary actions to drive effective execution and skill development


Cracking the Code: The Secret to Successful Strategy Execution &amp Lessons for the C-Suite

Rommin Adl, BTS Executive Vice President